People are afraid of what they don’t understand.

On a late summer evening, a mother of three, an emergency room nurse, a University of Notre Dame graduate, the son of the first black player to play for the Chicago White Sox and a board member - all went to a baseball game to watch their favorite team battle it out, along with 30,000 other fans. Just another night at the ballpark with a few fans who love the game like everyone else. Nothing so different or unusual at all, except these fans are gay fans. The team and a group called Equality Illinois sponsored a night at the park, just like many other organizations - police, fire and churches do throughout the season. This film by Sam Ciaramitaro - is a story about five average people, no different than most, who just want to go to a baseball game, spend time with their friends, be accepted by others and live their one life the best they know how.

Take Me OUT to the Ballpark


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