GTLM Racing

PORSCHE First Race

First Race is a documentary about former Major League Baseball pitcher, CJ Wilson as he switches gears and attempts to become a professional race car driver. This film depicts his first race and the frustration he experiences as a new driver.


PORSCHE Enduring Bond

Enduring Bond is a quiet documentary that touches on the personal relationships of drivers, family and fans of GTLM racing. The client directive was that it be filmed in a Cinéma vérité (fly-on-the-wall) style, without the need for voiceover, so that the viewer would observe the subtle and contemplative moments.

Four team members, Sebring. March 18, 20
Smile, Your are in Sebring, Sebring. Mar
Crazy Glasses, Sebring. March 21, 2015.j
four, Sebring. March 21, 2015.jpeg

PORSCHE Petit Lemans

Petit LeMans is a documentary about the GTLM Porsche Race Team at their last race of the season as they take the championship. David Brown, former engineer for Formula One great, Ayrton Senna, is featured as well