Docu-Series - MLB

The great Ted Williams once said, that hitting a baseball, striking a round ball with a round bat, was the single most difficult thing to do in sports. But with all due respect, the splendid splinter was wrong.

Making it to the majors is a 1000 times harder.

With 19 different leagues, over 200 different teams and more than 7000 players, today’s minor leaguer has about a 3% chance of ever bending a blade of grass on a major league ball field.


And yet, still they come. From every corner of this country and others. Chasing the American dream in the archetypically American game. Running down destiny like a fly ball at the warning track.


But what drives them against such seemingly insurmountable odds? What stokes that kind of inner fire? What talent and intangibles take a guy from the minors, all the way to… The Show?

MLB - Episode 1


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MLB - Episode 6